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Bilingual Construction Management 2024 

Metro D.C. Hispanic Contractors Association is proud to announce the successful completion of its 2024 Bi-Lingual Construction Management Certificate Program


A total of 22 presenters, including prominent construction lawyers, accountants, insurance agencies and a half dozen representatives of the largest builders in the area covered a broad based curriculum touching upon all aspects of the construction process in our second cohort of small minority, Hispanic & immigrant owned construction companies. Participants followed a curriculum created, designed and implemented independently by MDCHCA. A dozen entrepreneurs began the program and nine successfully completed the requirements and were awarded certificates.


Can you teach for success in the construction industry? We think our method provides the basis for prudent management and growth.


Our management program consists of nine, 3-hour sessions followed by a final panel whereby trainees make a 10-minute presentation to representatives from large builders such as Clark, Consigli, Grunley & HITT; the proposed  topic, ‘Why hire my company’.


MDCHCA is committed to a robust training and networking agenda for small, local construction businesses in Washington D.C. and environs.

- We are key defenders of first source participation and Certified Business Enterprises.

- We believe in a more equitable distribution of the wealth created in the industry and increased participation for our membership in large public and private projects.

- We defend Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the local construction market.

Graduates of our 2024 program shown in the attached photograph left to right are:

· Jose Sueiro, MDCHCA President/CEO, trainer and chief coordinating officer of our Construction Management Program,

· Rudy Pineda, principal at Prometal Co.

· Jorge Gomez, Sicem Electric

· Maria Peace, PMGL Construction

· Tatiana Diaz, D.C. Green Construction

· (seated) Adam Grunley, Grunley Construction (presenter)

·Sandi Rosario, Consigli Construction (presenter)

· Rudy Mendoza, Mission Accomplished Solutions

· (seated) Kelvin Caple, Clark Construction (presenter)

· Leslie Hernandez, AC Metal Fabricators

·Sandra Fabiola Rodriguez, BlueTee Construction

· (seated) Carlos Perdomo, Keystone Plus Construction (presenter)

·Teresa Luna, Luna Concrete

· Alexandra Salguero, SPD-Con

· Cely Argueta, Coordinator, curriculum specialist and documentarian, MDCHCA

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