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WHo we are

The Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Association (DCHCA) is a non-profit membership organization created to support the advancement of the Hispanic Construction Community by facilitating the tools and information to ensure the success among Immigrant & Hispanic owned construction businesses. Our mission is to provide resources, education, and advocacy to our members by connecting them to opportunities to grow their businesses. We believe in building a strong, diverse, and inclusive community and we work towards this by fostering relationships with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders in the industry.

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Provide a platform for the Hispanic & Immigrant Contractor’s community to set forth their aims and ideals - Create a forum for the expression of Hispanic & Immigrant Contractor’s interests and concerns - Influence the city as it relates to opportunities for the advancement and well being of Hispanic & Immigrant Contractors.

MDCHCA presents constructive membership benefits in the areas of training, consulting, business procurement, and advocacy to its membership: general contractors, developers, builders, subcontractors, construction workers, manufacturers, vendors, and related corporations.


MDCHCA provides consulting for Construction Businesses. Every new member receives a 90-minute free consultation and assessment of your business. We work to identify areas that need improvement and create a workplan.

We have a network of professional firms that can help our members in various aspect of your business. Some of the services include: Guidelines for Start-ups: Entity Selection Assistance / Company Name Registration / Business
License / Tax ID / Insurance & Bonding Consultation / Minority CertificationAssista nce / Accounting. Business Management: Estimating Forms / Invoices 
/ Bid Proposals / Agreements / Subcontractor Contracts / Contractor Contracts / Schedules / Lien Filing.

Financial Consultation
Lawyer and Client



MDCHCA works closely with private, public, government, and other nonprofit organizations in order to identify business opportunities and promote the inclusion of Hispanic & Immigrant entrepreneurs.  In addition, MDCHCA works in partnership with the National Coalition for Hispanic Construction Associations (NCHCA) as well as all participating local chapters across the country and other construction trade related organizations to help address state and federal construction related laws and issues at the pertinent government leverage.



MDCHCA offers numerous educational sessions, at minimum cost and on an ongoing basis. These programs are designed to create awareness about the hazards of the trade and improve the entrepreneurship skills of new construction businessmen and women, including but not limited to: Blueprint Reading / Bidding / Estimating / Project Management/Safety in the Workplace / Business Management / Financing / Minority Certification Assistance / Contract Interpretation / Bonding / Insurance.

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