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Networking Event 

GRUNLEY Networking Session 


We are delighted to announce our next networking session with one of our favorite partners - Grunley Construction.


We urge all of you to join us on Thursday, April 11, 4 pm, at Grunley Construction headquarters in Rockville, details follow this message.


Grunley has hired many of our members and is a stellar company when it comes to relationships with their sub-contractors. Many of our companies have been mentored by them and became regular contributors on their projects. Adam Grunley has recently joined our Association Board and is active in our community.


If you are a small construction or construction related firm, do not hesitate to register here:



And join us in what promises to be an enlightening and fruitful afternoon, filled with opportunities. Grunley has recently drawn a number of important projects where it will be needing our participation.


Make sure to register at the link provided in this message and on the announcement, since space is limited and the activity will reach its limit.

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